A God who sings

In her book “May I Have This Dance,” Sister Joyce Rupp challenges us to REALLY think outside the box:

“Can we imagine a God who sings a happy song over us? A God who dances with shouts of joy? Could our God be the one who laughs and enjoys life?”

It’s a different notion of God than many have. But – why not?!

Spring’s vibrant colors and soft, sweet scents are inspiring. Walkers in our neighborhood hum, whistle and sing.

Dancing and shouting with joy – many celebrations in life inspire such behavior. For countless children, no day is complete without them!

Our lives are always enriched when we laugh and enjoy ourselves. And if we believe we truly are made in God’s image, then it makes sense that God has shared with us His senses of wonder and humor.

We can honor God for these gifts by thanking Him with a sense of awe.