A New Journey Begins

From our archives, by Sister Therese Ann Rich

Blessings as we begin the great season of Lent!

Ash Wednesday starts preparations to celebrate the high point of our faith — The Paschal Mystery, the suffering, death and resurrection of the Incarnate God.

Formerly it was a time of severe penance. We purified ourselves from sinful habits before celebrating the Paschal Mystery and renewing our commitment to following Jesus.

But our reflections shouldn’t only focus on the negative. Over the next six weeks, we should ask:

  • What positive things should be part of my daily life?
  • How do I behave toward family, friends, colleagues and others I meet?
  • How active am I as a member of the Christian community, my parish?
  • What difference do I make in the world, within my limitations?

Remember that real penance is to live life well. Be the mercy and peace of God toward others.

A Lenten Call to Equity

Just over a year ago, Ursuline Sisters Mission formed an Equity Team. Our primary goal was developing an understanding of equity that supports USM mission, vision, and values.

One of our key principles is that equity ensures every person has what they need to be successful. Sometimes it looks like providing someone with the resources they both need and have a right to. Sometimes it looks like removing barriers so that they can better use their own resources to enjoy Fullness of Life.

Our team created a training session so that every staff member had the opportunity to be part of this conversation, to ground their work in our collective understanding of equity.

Now, as Lent begins, we can use this season as an opportunity to reflect even deeper on our work to build equitable communities where individuals and families thrive.

During this season of conversion, we’re called to examine our attitudes and practices. How does what we say and do build up the Kingdom of God, how does what we say and do build up God’s people? How does our work reflect Gospel service in a world longing for justice, hope and peace?

For the entire USM family, may this Lent be a time of transformation so that we can all be what God created us to be.


Honoring the Contributions of Catholic Sisters

"Wherever good things are happening, there are likely to be Sisters involved.”

That apt observation comes from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, which in 2013, began a campaign to honor Catholic Sisters across the United States.

Now known as Catholic Sisters Week, annually March 8-14, it honors the women who give their lives in service to others. March is also Women’s History Month.

The event not only celebrates the invaluable contributions of women religious to society now and in the past, but seeks to inspire young women to embrace vowed life in the future.

The Ursuline Sisters have joined thousands of nuns around the country each year, celebrating the week in some special way.

This year, we’re featuring stories and photos of our Sisters, our Associates and our ministries online.

“We want to show we’re vibrant, happy people, living the Gospel,” says Sister Norma Raupple. “Through our ministries, we show love to the entire human family, as Jesus did.”

Want to get involved and honor sisters during the week?

You can:
• Follow our posts on Facebook and Instagram.
• Comment to let our Sisters know what they’ve meant to you.
• Share the posts and let others know what our Sisters are doing to improve lives.
• Choose a Sister to pray for during the week, or pray for our entire community.
• Know a Sister? Ask her to share her story with you.