Come to Me All You Who Labor

Sons often imitate their fathers. I have a picture of my nephew around the age of three pushing a lawn mower following his dad as his dad mowed the front lawn! If his dad was in the garage working on a car, my nephew was right there wanting to use the same tools. If his dad was carrying something heavy, he wanted to help ease the burden.  As my nephew has aged, he has found out that heavy burdens are not desirable!

We do not go through life looking for heavy burdens to shoulder. They often weigh us down, break our back or can even break our spirit.

Heavy burdens are not God’s desire for us. God’s desire is that God comes to us first and in turn invites us to come to Christ. Jesus is accessible to us. And in choosing to come to Christ, we share the burden Jesus himself carries.This burden is self-giving for the sake of others. It is seeing Christ in the face of the needy.

Jesus promises that the burden is easy and light. It is easy and light because Jesus shares the burden of carrying it. We do not shoulder the burden alone. All we need to do is rest in Jesus.