Dedication Of The Lateran Basilica

file0001008934920Overflowing dumpsters and increasing numbers of landfills indicate that we are a nation of great consumers. We are zealous about having an abundance of possessions, a surplus of food, access to anything we want. The Gospel for today’s feast is the scene of Jesus driving the vendors and money changers out of the temple. It raises an important counter question: Are we willing to be consumed for the sake of our faith?

Jesus was willing to be consumed by his zeal for our salvation. He chose to confront those who profaned his Father’s house. He chose to offer his body as a living temple, a sign of something new happening. He chose to give his life and for that, was raised to New Life.

In a sense, today’s feast is a celebration of our own life and the Life we receive from God through the church. This feast calls us to a zeal that will consume us when we give our lives or others as Jesus did. Are we willing to open ourselves to others, becoming vulnerable in order to be the presence of God to them? Are we willing to stand up for justice despite personal cost? Even while we are being consumed, God’s Spirit continually fills us with Life and courage and strength to continue the mission of Jesus. Are we willing to choose this zeal that consumes us?