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I have been reading through some quotes from my current “superhero” Dr. Amy Acton for inspiration for this latest update. Given the condition of our world—the ongoing deprivation and devastation from coronavirus, the grief and anger over racially motivated killings, and the inequity and injustice many of us continue to battle daily for ourselves or others—I think her words can provide some encouragement: “We're still being brave in the face of things that make us afraid and anxious and vulnerable.” “Acknowledge and give a name to what you’re going through. Acknowledge it with each other.” “Life will be different for quite some time. We are not going back to where we were six months ago.” “You will have bad days. Forgive yourself and start again tomorrow.” “You are moving mountains. You are saving lives…. This is no small thing that we are doing together…. Not all heroes wear capes.”

On COVID-19, please know that we recognize the sacrifices you are all making to keep each other safe while continuing to provide essential services. As Ohio “opens back up,” we know that it will take courage and strength to stay the course, to continue to wear face coverings and keep physical distance, and to limit your personal and professional exposures. It is critical that we not let our guard down too soon, and we are grateful for your efforts. You are saving lives. For our part, we will continue to make policy and protocol decisions with your well-being as our priority, and I remain open to any feedback or concerns you want to share. On the death of George Floyd, another tragic example of the systemic oppression that excludes, silences, traumatizes, or even kills African Americans, I offer this: as a white woman, I cannot ever fully enter that condition or understand that pain. I can and must recognize my own white (and other) privilege and work to include, hear, amplify, and support persons of color.

I (and we) must also do so for the economically poor; for immigrants and refugees; for LGBTQ persons; for prisoners and returning citizens; for persons living with disabilities; and for others on the margins. If you ever feel unheard or sidelined by our policies or systems, let me try to make that right. Help me better live out our guiding values of hospitality, compassion, respect, and hope.

Please be assured of our continued efforts and prayers.

Yours in St. Angela,

Official Statement on the Death of George Floyd

(PDF Download)

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Helpful Employee Resources

Patti Wanat runs our Employee Assistance Program (330-965-1234) and is available for counseling or just a listening ear. There is no charge for this confidential service.

Chris Brugler ( is an expert in trauma-informed care and is available if you need resources about trauma—your own, a family member’s, or a client’s- and the power of resiliency.

Ursuline Sisters Marie Maravola and Pauline Dalpe are available if you want to talk to someone about more spiritual issues. Call the Motherhouse (330-792-7636) to speak to one of them.

Beginning on Monday, May 18th, you are invited to participate in an on-going Well-Being Moment led by Michael Patrick, a Massage Therapist, Kripalu Yoga Teacher & Work-Life Coach. These segments will be about 15 minutes in length and will include strategies like stretching, breathing, guided relaxation, and moments of appreciation.

They will be offered three times a week on Zoom: Mondays at 4pm, Wednesdays at noon, and Fridays at 9am. You can attend as many as your schedule allows.

The information to log into the Zoom room is:

Meeting ID: 780 083 9424
Password: wellness

Please continue to do the important work of keeping yourself and those around you safe.