Filled with fire

As the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Horses can have a mind of their own and be stubborn. So can humans!

We often need prodding — motivation — to do something, especially if it’s something we don’t enjoy. When it comes to us humans, motivation plays a huge role in why we do anything and how we do everything. Need is a strong motivator.
This solemnity is really about motivation — the reason why we listen to Jesus and choose to follow him. We followers of Jesus never stand alone. We have each other to motivate ourselves toward faithful action.

But even more, we always have the Spirit who dwells within and among us and binds us into one. Through the Holy Spirit we all share in the same risen Life, the same saving mission, the same love. We become bigger than ourselves. 
Pentecost is a celebration of both the gift of the Spirit and the effects of that gift. We share in the one Body of Christ who take up Jesus’ mission to preach the Good News of salvation. [Living Liturgy 2013]
The Father sent the “Advocate, the Holy Spirit” to teach us “everything.” This is why and how keeping Jesus’ commandments and word is the unconditional condition of loving him. This is why and how this love is the wellspring of our relationship to Jesus and his Father in their Spirit.

What the Spirit teaches us, in the end, is why we do anything and how we do everything.

This post first appeared in 2021 and was written by Sister Therese Ann Rich.