What was your last experience of awe? What stopped you and caught your attention? Why did this event have such power over you? Life is full of surprises. Around every corner, in every part of life, experiences of wonder await us. We only need to open ourselves for the possibility of the different, the unexpected. But the rote and routine of life dull our sense of awe. We become too familiar, take people for granted, make too many assumptions.
The disciples lived with Jesus throughout his ministry in Galilee. Even the closest of Jesus’ friends walked with him as he made his way to Jerusalem blinded by their daily routines. They thought they knew Jesus. They thought they knew what to expect. Were they in for a shock!

Peter, James and John not only witness Jesus’ transfiguration, they themselves, undergo a transfiguration. Some change occurs within them so they are able to hear God’s voice announcing Jesus’ identity and the clear terms of their discipleship –Listen to Him.

Lent is our time of transfiguration. We are changed when we take the time to listen to what God is saying to us through Jesus. This kind of listening leads to acting as faithful disciples. What change needs to occur in us so that we grasp the clear terms of our own discipleship? What change needs to our in us so that we truly listen?