The Purpose

Accomplishing goals and making contributions to the world are essential human needs. We cannot be happy and fulfilled in life unless we’re working toward something. Our goals can be anything from growing a business to finding fulfilling relationships. We all want to change or improve something about our lives, and we all want that change to last.

Often, our goals are personal. If you’re like many people, you may be seeking weight loss solutions as one of your personal goals. Getting the body you want – and deserve – is an important part of finding fulfillment. When your body feels strong and healthy, you have more energy to go after what it is you really want in life. You’ll have more energy, allowing you to live proactively and find your purpose. And you’ll have the confidence you need to do amazing things at work and in your personal life.

When it comes to weight loss, a lot of people acknowledge the problem, but come up with the wrong solution. Whether they want to lose weight for better health or to build confidence in their appearance, they think the solution is to do so as quickly as possible. This thinking is flawed and it will fail to take you closer to making your objectives a reality. Fad diets and trendy products won’t give you the lasting results you want.

To truly achieve your weight loss goals, you need to change your beliefs. Lasting weight loss – attaining the body that is right for you – requires a shift in your habits and perspective.

There are fundamental reasons that you choose to eat when and what you do. Eating is good – it tastes good, it feels good – and we associate it with pleasure. And when we feel pain, whether it be from stress, depression or because of a deep dissatisfaction with something in our lives, food is an outlet for these unsettling feelings.

If you’re someone who uses eating to cope with being in a negative state, it’s time to look objectively at your choices. When you’re sad, you eat; when you’re worried, you eat. These habits need to change. How can you alter your beliefs so you no longer feel like eating is your form of therapy? Losing weight in a long-lasting way requires us to rewire our brains and to change our associations with pain and pleasure.

You can take yourself from a negative state to a beautiful state – and you can achieve weight loss. It’s all part of the same magnificent life journey.


If you’ve tried dieting before, you know how difficult it can be. You feel hungry and irritable, because your body isn’t getting what it needs. Worse yet, you lose the weight, then regain it by the end of the month.

Why do diets usually produce only temporary results? Because without reframing the problem, without acknowledging the fact that you are constrained by your habits, you don’t solve the fundamental issue at play. You stick a band aid on a bullet wound. Addressing the root problem requires you to change your habits and bring about a lifestyle change.

Before you can truly improve your health – both physical and mental – you must learn to connect pleasure with the tools and methods you need to use to get there. The tactics matter, too, but you can only commit to these tactics once you are connecting them with pleasure. Then, you will be genuinely excited about meeting your goals, and will you consistently apply the tactics that will produce the change you seek.

How do you bring about this shift in your thinking? It’s nice to think of changing one’s habits, but how do you actually go about doing that? You must establish a specific goal and a metric by which you can gauge your progress on a daily basis. You also need to change your habits and perspectives – what you associate with pain and pleasure.You can do this by interrupting the limiting beliefs you’ve already adopted and replacing them with associations that will help you achieve weight loss.