We Saw His Glory

TransfigurationThis gospel about the Transfiguration is a familiar one. My temptation is to all too quickly limit its meaning and power. There is more to this event than a glimpse of glory. It tells us of what we can expect along the journey toward glory!

At the beginning of Lent, our goal is laid out for us. Jesus went up the mountain to pray and was transformed, that is, changed. Lent is not only the desert but also the mountain we go up to pray to be transformed. Jesus talks about his passing through suffering and death to the glory of risen life. Our salvation is to follow Jesus into his passion and death so that we too, might attain the glory of new life.

Our following Jesus is spelled out in the ordinary dyings of our everyday living: reaching out to visit a lonely elderly person, listening to a troubled adolescent, biting our tongue instead of saying sharp words, still having patience when we are pushed too far or simply run out of energy. The utterly amazing thing about embracing these little, everyday dyings is that we ourselves experience some sort of transfiguration. As we learn to say yes to God and others, we grow deeper into our own identity as the chosen ones of God.

We become more perfect members of Christ’s Body when we act like Jesus did- when we reach out to others who are in need, when we bring a comforting touch, when we forgive. All these are ways we are faithful on our journey to Jerusalem. Our whole life is a transfiguration, a passing over from our old sinful ways to the ways of light and race offered by God.


Adapted from Renew International

Musical Reflection