A St. Luke Story: How We’ve Found Strength

By Sister Mary Alyce Koval
Parish Leader at St. Luke Church, Boardman

Our task as Christians is to build the City of God on earth.

For almost 60 years, St. Luke parishioners have worked together to achieve this goal. And then came an unprecedented challenge in early 2020 which challenged us to keep the story going.

Prayer was strengthened through the challenge of virtual worship; hundreds of parishioners and virtual visitors live streamed remained connected. Sacred words and music were the bonds that kept every heart bonded to one another. 

The gift of Community was strengthened through phone calls, cards group texts and other creative ways of connecting: front porch drop offs of food, quick visits in driveways and other surprises. 

Service to others didn’t stop, in just changed its face: monetary for food and non-perishable and personal care items, Christmas gifts for the needy and so much more.

Now reality is back — Mass in person, informal gatherings for coffee, picnics, St. Vincent de Paul food service, school supply collections and one-on-one personal contacts.

Parishioners here at St. Luke didn’t STOP building the City of God, they just found creative ways of continuing to do it. 

St. Luke parishioners Bob and Loreta Lape. Church members are collecting school supplies for families served by St. Vincent de Paul.