Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry Services

The Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry was founded in 1993 by Ursuline Sisters Kathleen Minchin, Mary Lee Nalley, Nancy Dawson, and Pauline Dalpé. Our Ministry began when the Sisters, recognizing the lack of local resources available to people living with HIV/AIDS, created a prayer support group for those living with HIV/AIDS as well as their families, friends, and those grieving their loved ones.

From its humble beginnings, our ministry has grown to include Angela's Place, a household pantry consisting of household items and personal hygiene products, as well as a food pantry stocked courtesy Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley and donations from church and civic groups. A social support/congregate meal is held monthly for the HIV community and their guests, where an average of 130 people are served each month. We offer medical services through our HIV clinic, including HIV testing, health care, counseling, case management, education, and wrap-around services. Our peer-led support groups provide emotional and educational support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

25th anniversary sisters picture

Sisters Kathleen Minchin, Mary Lee Nalley, Nancy Dawson, and Pauline Dalpé, pictured above from left to right at a 25th anniversary liturgy for the Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry in 2018. 

25 Years of Ministry

Please take a look at our video, which will give you a full picture of the impact of the Ursuline Sisters and our HIV/AIDS Ministry.