Are We There Yet?

Assisi Gate-MOur Gospel uses the image of a narrow gate. The image suggests structure, difficulty, squeezing by. entering the narrow gate to salvation is not guaranteed by privilege or tradition but guaranteed by openness to the indwelling God. The gate is narrow because the way is difficult, for journeying with Jesus will lead to Jerusalem and the cross. Strength for entering the narrow gate comes from the food Jesus gives us.
We cannot claim merely eating and drinking with Jesus our ticket to heaven. No, we must remain in his presence, be transformed into his presence for others. In other words, we must live what we have become: blessed, broken and given for others. We must be Eucharist for others. The narrow gate is thrown open more widely when we are strengthened by this Eucharist. We know where Jesus is going, are we willing to go there with him?
The surprise of the Gospel is that being saved comes by transformation which comes from sharing in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. What is required? We walk with Jesus to Jerusalem!
Are we there yet? Sometimes we want this dying to be over. We want the risen Life which comes from knowing who Jesus is, journeying with him and being faithful to him. In God’s good time that will come. In the meantime, we are to walk with Jesus to Jerusalem.