Caring For Creation and the Poorest Among Us

three-steps-earth-day-activitiesPope Francis is gearing up to release his Papal Encyclical on the environment this summer and will make the humanitarian and spiritual case for acting on climate change. The much-anticipated teaching document will be the first from a pope to be devoted entirely on creation and human relationship with it. The encyclical is likely to reference such themes as: the possible causes of global warming; the human toll on climate change; the need to repair our relationship with the natural world; the call to view environmental advocacy as an opportunity for
dialogue and evangelization; and a gospel call to peoples of all faiths to make lifestyle choices to reduce the existential threat to human beings from anthropogenic climate change.
Pope Francis is calling on the global faith community to discern, not simply on whether our lifestyles are promoting care for creation, but also whether our social, economic, and political choices protect the interests of the poorest among us.

In preparation, here is a resource for your reflection in preparing for this encyclical.

Dr Ann Marie Mealey speaks about the theological underpinnings to CAFOD’s One Climate, One World campaign and what the concepts of stewardship, neighbouring and eco-feminism can teach us about caring for creation.