Cost of Discipleship

Poker self control.

Self control is something that we all like to think we have mastered, when in actuality our self-discipline in most situations is poor.

We all spend that extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning when we need to get up. We all order that take-away on Friday night when we told ourselves that we wouldn’t. We all spend far too long watching TV when we know that we need to tidy the flat.

A lack of self control in most cases is pretty harmless. We all could do that little bit extra in our everyday lives to get more stuff done, but at least a lack of discipline isn’t going to cost us any money. In poker however, it can and it most certainly will. DominoQQ have the best online poker tables around.

The ultimate test of self control in poker.

You’ve made it to the river with your Qc Jd on a board of Jh 7s 6h 4c 3h. You’re first to act, so you check. Your opponent then makes a bet 2/3 the size of the damn pot. What are you going to do?

  • Are you going to call even though you are confident that you have the worst hand?
  • Or are you going to fold and live with the fact that there is an outside chance that you could have had the best hand?

It’s not a fun decision is it?

However, emotions and fun aside, we both know what the right play is here. The question is though, are you the sort of person that will regularly call in spots like these even though you know it’s almost definitely not the right action?

(Don’t worry, you can tell me the truth. I can’t hear you so I’m not going to tell anyone.)

The reason behind lack of self control in poker.

Why do you call that last bet on the river when you almost know for a fact that you have the losing hand?

  1. Because you don’t have enough confidence in your judgment as a poker player.
  2. You need to satisfy that lust for answers and complete information.