Do All Nuns Have to Live in A Convent?

Welcome to our “Ask a Nun” series. Today, Sister Norma discusses a question we received from several readers: “Do all nuns have to live in a convent?”

Many nuns live in a convent where there is a chapel and other rooms that are shared for daily living activities such as the kitchen,dining room, laundry rooms, living rooms. Space similar to space shared by a family.

There are various living arrangements. Some nuns live in larger convents of twenty sisters or more and may share some responsibilities together.

Some Sisters live together in small groups.They share the responsibility for daily activities such as cooking and cleaning. They make time to pray together even though there may not be a chapel in the home.
There are situations where sisters live alone-at least for a time. A Sister may be serving in a location where there are no other sisters nearby.

A Sister may choose to live alone for personal reasons. This can be arranged through communication with the Community. Even though a Sister may be living alone in an apartment, she
remains connected to the larger Ursuline Community through her relationships with other Sisters and by attending the regular Community gatherings.