Emily: A YSU Student and Volunteer Reflects

Sr Mary O'LearyRecently I was given the opportunity to spend some time with Sister Mary O’Leary. I was told before our time together that she is one of the sweetest people around.
After introducing myself, her eagerness for a visit confirmed her infectious personality. We went for a walk around the Motherhouse until we settled in the chairs in the dining hall. There we shared different stories, mostly about children and school. I was very interested in all of the stories she told me about teaching — the fun times on field trips, antics of the children, and observations of what made the children so fun.
When we talked about children, Sister Mary’s face lit up. I can tell that teaching children is what brought her joy and was what she was meant to do. I can only hope that the career I choose one day will bring me the same happiness.


It is my belief that if you are able to use your life to help other people, by whatever means you wish, you will lead a much more satisfied life.

Imagine living and not ever sharing yourself with people who need a little care? I can see myself taking many different directions in life, and all of them involve service to people.
Talking to Sister Mary confirmed my realization that the more you give to others, the more joy you are able to give yourself. I realized after talking with her, that it doesn’t really matter what I end up doing. As long as I am able to see a difference I can make in people’s lives, whether it is small or large, I will be fulfilled.
And maybe then I can share my stories and experiences with someone with the same joy as Sister Mary O’Leary.