Every Need is Met

Recently in the news it was reported that, in central Ohio, a ten year old boy caught a 56 pound cod fish in a local water source. And this made national news. “Big” is in. The wondrous and impressive sign that Jesus works in our Gospel today – feeding 5000 with five loaves – might seem like a great fish story that has gotten larger in the telling.

Actually, this story points beyond taking care of the hunger of  “the large crowd” to a time when God’s mighty deeds come to fulfillment – a time when all people are abundantly filled and every need is met.

This miracle story moves us to ponder the great mystery of Jesus as the Bread of Life and his self-giving that enables us to share in it. The challenge is to see our lives through the lens of God’s abundance- the abundance of family and friends, a job, the support and care of others. God’s abundance is all around us.