Generation Now – WOW

Sr. Nancy @ UHSIf you run into any Ursuline High School students today and they’re signing “Blessed Be God”, don’t be surprised. When Sister Nancy Pawlen met with the UHS senior class today and led them in singing that hymn, their “joyful noise” filled the school’s auditorium with happiness.
Sister Nancy spoke to the students – who number around 100 – about the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown and ways these vibrant young people can become involved in the Sisters’ ministries. She was joined by 2010 UHS Alumni and Youngstown State University student Ben Smith, who spoke about his experience volunteering with the Ursuline Sisters, and Michele Gatts, the Sisters’ Media, Public Relations & Development Coordinator, who spoke about the Ursuline Sisters many ministries.
Michele, along with Sister Nancy, Sister Norma Raupple, Sister Therese Ann Rich and Ray Novotny, form the Young Adult Outreach committee for the Ursuline Sisters
Sister Nancy taught the students about the history of all Ursuline Sisters and our founder, St. Angela Merici, as well as the history of Ursuline Sisters in Youngstown. “You know us mostly as educators,” she commented, “but in last 30 years our ministries have branched out. And in many cases, it was to help those who nobody was taking care of.”
In talking about what some of those ministries are, Michele said, “I love my job! And you can’t find many people who say that. The Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown are so welcoming, in the tradition of St. Angela Merici. Also, what they accomplish is tremendous – working every day and succeeding at making our world a better place. It’s great, and an honor, to be part of that.”
“Volunteering with the Ursuline Sisters is a wonderful way to keep ties with the Ursuline family – the Ursuline Sisters, Ursuline High School,” Ben told his former classmates. “Having gone through it, it’s absolutely wonderful.”
Sister Nancy also is a Pastoral Associate at St. Rose Parish, Girard, where she formerly taught school.