Glory Through Self-Offering

Most of us live too hectic lives – working, cleaning, preparing meals, answering emails and a hundred other things. I have often mused, “Oh to be bored just one day!”  Life is hectic!  When I might finally sit down in the evening I often doze off while reading or watching TV.  I might wake up when those commercials come on only to find I have missed half the program I was watching!

In our Gospel today, Peter, James and John must have really been tired climbing that mountain! For they fell asleep! Then they awakened they saw Jesus transfigured. How startling that must have been!

Luke’s account of the Transfiguration includes the necessity of the passion on the journey to glory. The point of our Gospel – glory presupposes embracing self-offering. Glory comes only through embracing the passion – dying to self for the good of others.

We have to come down from the mountain and walk our journey through death to glory. And let us remember God walks with us to glory.