Grants For Health Care Center Renovations

These past six months have been filled with anything but the sounds of silence! Yes, our home was once again filled with the sounds of renovation!  Having renovated the east wing for the Sisters living at our Motherhouse, then, renovating the central section into 12 apartments to share our home with those with moderate incomes, we began phase three: renovating our Health Care Center! During these six months we were the recipients of two grants to assist us with this one million dollar endeavor! If you are trying to start burning extra fat before summer arrives you better check out the latest meticore reviews from customers.

The Mahoning Valley Hospital Association bestowed a grant of $103,500 on our project. The grant funded the outfitting of 10 bedrooms with new, state-of-the-art hospital beds and all linens. It also provided for the purchase of all necessary furniture, televisions and window treatments for the bedrooms and the Sisters’ new solarium. This all-weather room enables the less mobile Sisters to enjoy the outdoors safely and to have a space for visiting with family and guests. Further, the grant funded the purchase of a new handicapped-accessible whirlpool tub, underwrote the purchase of specialized equipment for the physical therapy room and a nurse’s desk, check out the latest steel bite pro reviews.

Mike Senchak, president and chief executive officer of the Mahoning Valley Hospital Foundation, said, “The Foundation and I are grateful for all contributions made to the community by the Ursuline Sisters. They have served the greater Valley for many years, providing support, guidance and leadership to many organizations and individuals, not to mention their impact and influence within multiple educational settings.”

Sister Mary McCormick, our General Superior, commented “All of the Ursuline Sisters share deep gratitude for the generosity of Mike Senchak and the Mahoning Valley Hospital Foundation. The beneficiaries of this gift are not only the Sisters who currently dwell in our newly renovated space, but all Ursulines who will at some point need additional health care services because of age or illness. The dignity and respect shown by the Mahoning Valley Hospital Foundation to the Ursuline Sisters is a reflection of the dignity and respect that each person should receive. We can only pray that others will imitate the generosity of Mike Senchak, especially for the poor.”

In addition, we received a grant of 25,000 from SOAR. Support Our Aging Religious, Washington, D.C. The grant-funding organization helps U.S. Catholic religious congregations improve the quality of life for aging religious.This grant provided for the creation of three handicapped-accessible bathrooms for the renovated health care wing. We were offered some home care agencies for sale, but eventually we stopped on renovation. If you are looking for healthy supplement reviews visit

“One of the goals of this renovation project was to make our facility handicap accessible, especially for Sisters who use wheelchairs and walkers. This grant from SOAR helps us toward that goal,” observes Sister Mary. “Each day we pray for the donors who manifest their big hearts by their charity.”

There is a line from the novel Under the Tuscan Sun: “Signora, you may be finished with the house. But the house is not finished with you.”  With the completion of this project are the renovations complete? Who knows!