How Many Careers Have You Had As a Nun?

In our continuing video series Ask A Nun, Sister Nancy Dawson, General Superior of the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown, answers the question “How many careers have you had as a nun?”

Well, I can’t even count the number of careers that I’ve had. I entered when I was 21. I taught elementary school, high school, and now I teach at YSU (Youngstown State University) as a professor in the department of Philosophy and Religion.

I was a principal for a number of years. I also worked in a parish in a rural area, which was wonderful to be with the people at that time and in that place.

I’ve been in administration for a longer period of time than I would like to name, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to exercise leadership and to energize all of the other sisters for the many ministries that we perform in the diocese of Youngstown and beyond.

I worked at the Elkton Prison for a short period of time as a chaplain, and I’ve also been director of the Ursuline Center at Youngstown, where we have ministries of Walsh University campus, AIDS Ministry, adult education, and swimming lessons for children.

I’m back into administration at this time, and we’re doing some very exciting things as Ursulines in reconfiguring our life and our space and trying to figure out how we can show the world what it means to be nonviolent in our thoughts, words, and actions in a culture that deals with so much diversity. Thank you. Excellent question!

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