In the Beginning Was the Word

At Christmas we turn our attention to an only Son and a young life.  Our gospel today brings us up a bit short! For John, “in the beginning” is not measured in human terms; it is a much longer term, back to creation, before time. There the Word already had divine life and was already one with God. And this Word would come to dwell with us on earth so that we might see divine glory.


A profound Christmas message today: if we accept Jesus and come to know him, then we become children of God. Jesus’ birth is also our rebirth. From the beginning, God desired our salvation. The amazing good new – one moment ushers in an eternal glory. Darkness is dispelled because the Light of the World became incarnate and dwells among us.


Christmas is the time to risk becoming vulnerable again. Christmas is the time to really believe that love is possible. God’s vulnerability at Christmas time invites us to respond by opening our hearts and believing in love once again. Nothing is more magical than a heart that has become vulnerable to another person – not snow on Christmas eve, not twinkling lights and starry skies, not haunting Christmas carols, not even the faces of little children on Christmas morning.


Nothing is more magical than a heart that has become vulnerable to believe once again in the promise and possibilities of love. And that’s what we see when we look in the manger or on the cross – the vulnerable heart of God calling us to mutual friendship and maybe even a little romance. It’s magical. It’s the magic of Christmas.