International Day of Peace: Who Will You Make Peace With?

God, Source of all peace, we gather here as a community of believers to celebrate the International Day of Peace. We are reminded that we are all part of one global human family living together in a world that remains broken and divided. We join in prayer in hopes that the universal desire for peace may be realized. God, help us to recognize that you call each one of us to commit ourselves to the effort of peace in the world.
On this day, the International Day of Peace, we remember that war and violence continue to maim, kill and destroy hundreds of thousands of human beings who look at their sisters and brothers over the barrels of guns, cannons and missiles.
Help us to hear your voice that counsels forgiveness, compassion, patience and dialogue. Help us to “thirst after ever greater justice,” so that we might contribute to a peaceful world. Help us to act on behalf of peace, not only today, but all of the days of our life.