Into The Desert

desert-264840_1280This week, as we begin the season of Lent, we focus on the spiritual practice of Praying ALL Ways – and head into the desert!

The desert is a place of harsh conditions and death. But if we look with eyes of faith, the desert is alive – a place to meet God – as the Israelites experienced during the Exodus. After his baptism in the Jordan, the scriptures tell us that Jesus goes to the desert to pray. The focus of the desert allows him to resist the devil’s temptations to deny and doubt that he is God’s “beloved Son.”

In order to truly follow Christ, we must also go to the desert. We need time in prayer always, and maybe in new ways to focus on our relationship with God and our spiritual path. There’s no shortcut. God calls us to the desert to discover and listen. The 40 days of Lent provide a good opportunity to explore new daily or weekly prayer formats or resources.

To help us reflect on that invitation, we share a new song from Curtis Stephan and Sarah Hart called, Into the Desert. Thanks, Curtis and Sarah.