Justice & Mercy

On any given day, you’re presented with little situations that cause you to cry out for justice.

The person who cuts you off while driving or steals your seat on the bus.

The cable company that jacks up prices right after you’ve signed a two-year service agreement — and puts you on hold for 40 minutes when you call to complain.

Your hopes for justice are usually fruitless. But don’t let these experiences shape your response to pleas for mercy from a disobedient child, a tardy employee, an inattentive spouse.

Shakespeare tells us that earthly powers are most like God “when mercy seasons justice.”

Make sure to sprinkle a healthy portion of mercy in your efforts to set the world aright. Then live in hope that tomorrow, commuters will behaved better and the cable company will offer you a rebate.

Written by Sister Therese Ann Rich in September 2014.