Long and Short of It

There is a growing concern among some of us about the phenomenon of texting. It is not unheard of for adolescents to be in one part of the home, texting their parents, or sitting right across from each other and texting back and forth rather than actually looking at each other and having a conversation. Texting may be efficient, however, it is so impersonal. Is life about efficiency? Our Gospel for today suggests otherwise. The Gospel speaks about the personal touch which characterizes Jesus’ ministry.


For Jesus, people are not just numbers or projects to be taken care of in an efficient manner. No, there is something incredibly personal about approaching Peter’s mother-in-law. Jesus approached her, grasped her hand and helped her up. Jesus’ healing is a sign of salvation and salvation is always personal. In reaching out Jesus responds to the universal human need for healing. Jesus’ ministry is about our experiencing the transformation of hopelessness through a personal encounter with Jesus.


Through personal encounters with Jesus, we experience the Kingdom now and not yet. We experience the Kingdom is at hand. The healings performed by Jesus inaugurate salvation. We know what Jesus did: encountered people and offered them wholeness. As his disciples, this is our work-we must be as up close and personal as Jesus.