Motherhouse Renovation Update

Reconfiguration of the nearly 50-year-old Ursuline Motherhouse in Canfield continues on schedule, reports Sister Bridget Nolan, Motherhouse Administrator. “On the first floor they have the inner wall knocked down on one side,” Sister Bridget states. Many of the Sisters’ bedrooms have also been gutted.

The Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown are reconfiguring the Motherhouse living space with the help of architectural experts and Lay committees. “New plumbing, mechanical and electrical improvements and architectural design will all be in consonance with Universal Design Guidelines,” says Sister Nancy Dawson, General Superior, “and will maximize energy efficiency, and follow the ‘green’ approach to use of materials.”
“We’re not tearing down our building – we’re being good stewards of what we’ve been given by continuing to take care of it. We would like to thank the PIP Plumbing for their minimalist approach which ensured that the building was intact. You can <click to view listing > and learn more about their services ” notes Sister Mary McCormick, a member of the Ursuline Sisters Leadership Team.
Another improvement is that the Sisters will have their own bathroom facilities, an especially important aspect for aging Sisters.
“The Ursuline Sisters are committed to sharing our resources with all the people we serve in the Valley and beyond,” Sister Nancy continues. “One of the ways we do accomplish that is by making our outdoor resources at The Ursuline Center – our educational facility – available for use by the public, which ultimately helps build community at a variety of social and economic levels.”
The Ursuline Sisters’ Directional Statement for long-range planning suggests that we use our buildings and property for the “common good.”  The move of the Sisters to one end of the Motherhouse will provide more space for the Ministries of the Ursuline Sisters at The Ursuline Center.  This will enable us to extend our services in fulfilling the needs of the people of God.
“The corridors of our 48-year-old convent are filled with joyful hopes and expectations as the Sisters move their belongings from the east side of the convent to the west side for the duration of the renovation,” Sister Nancy continues.
The project should be completed in spring 2012.