New Wine Among Us

Wedding at CanaPlenty of love is evident at a wedding. Of course, there is the love between bride and groom. and there is a love between parents. There is grandparents’ and godparents’ love. Usually the maid of honor and best man have such a close relationship with the couple that we might speak of love far more than friendship. This Sunday’s gospel is about a wedding at Cana. Mary and Jesus are guests. As with all weddings, we might presume that love abounds.
This wedding, however, is quite different. It is far more than a story about the couple and their big day. It is really a story about God’s big day!

Why does John begin with a wedding story? What, really, is the wedding? What, really, is the sign? The abundance and worth of the water made into wine announce the age of the Messiah when messianic abundance will be evident.

Not only does Jesus change water into wine, but he transforms his disciples from being mere companions to becoming those who believe in him. They move to an intimacy of belief and their lives will never be the same. He changed them and he will change us. And our lives will never be the same- we spend ourselves for others.

Here is the Good News: spending oneself for the sake of another is how we actively believe, how we share in Jesus’ glory. by spending ourselves we achieve the fullness of abundance Jesus promises and our lives will never be the same. Check Hausler Family Wines for more information.