Nurturing Learning & Community 

Sister Janice Kusick is passionate about people and lifelong learning.

For the last decade, she’s ministered in adult faith formation at three parishes – St. Angela Merici and St. Columba in Youngstown, and St. Rose in Girard.
“This Lent I’m teaching ‘People of the Passion’ at both St. Angela and St. Rose Parishes,” Sister Janice says. “Each week, we’ll study a major participant in Jesus’ last week of life.” 
She offers six-part Bible study programs at both parishes four times a year – Lent, Advent and two in Ordinary Time – with about 20 people participating each time.
“The people who come are usually retired and very faith filled,” she says. “They come and share. They build a bond among one another. The classes build community, too. Some of the folks are converts wanting to learn about their faith.”
Sister Janice has also been active with St. Columba’s RCIA program.
“St. Jerome says, ‘Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Jesus,’” she adds.
In addition to teaching, Sister Janice also ministers on the board of the First Friday Club and offers hospitality at its events.