September 11th Anniversary Prayer

Dear God, Source of all goodness and grace,

We come to you on the 10th Anniversary of the events of
September 11.

The terror and shock of that day renews pangs of pain and loss. Likewise, we are buoyed as we remember the courage and strength of those who came to the aid of so many, offering medical, corporal, and spiritual assistance.

We pray for healing, understanding, and faith.

    Heal our resentments and our anger. Open the eyes of our understanding about how bad things can happen to good people. Strengthen our Trinitarian faith as we grow in trust, comforted by the assurance of eternal life.

Imploring an abundance of compassion, forgiveness, and love, we know you are the Architect of all things, and we trust in your Divine Providence.

We pray in the name of Christ the Lord.