Sister Nancy Inspires at MVAC Mayor’s Interfaith Breakfast

With Sister Nancy are Jamael Tito Brown, President of Youngstown City Council, and Cary Dabney, President of the Inter Faith Youth Core at Youngstown State University and a former student of Sister Nancy’s at the university.

Sister Nancy Dawson, General Superior of the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown, inspired area faith and civic leaders who gathered Nov. 22 for the Mahoning Valley Association of Churches’ 26th Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.

Sister Nancy was the keynote speaker for the event, which brings together representatives of different religious communities, politicians and judges to socialize and consider ways we can work together for the greater good.

Sister Nancy’s talk covered the need for respect for and a celebration of how our diversity strengthens us as a people concerned with leading spiritual lives and making both the world and our corner of it a better place. Her suggestion that we take this work out of offices and directly to the people who need our help the most was punctuated by applause, and she received a standing ovation at the end of her speech.