Sister Pauline Dalpe’s Vocation Story

In our continuing series of Vocation Stories, short videos about the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown, Sister Pauline Dalpe tells us why she became a nun and why she is proud to be an Ursuline Sister of Youngstown.

Video text:

Sister Pauline Dalpe, an Ursuline Sister of Youngstown, shares her experience in this installment of Vocation Stories.


Sister Pauline Dalpe:

Joining the Ursuline Sisters, here in Youngstown, wow! the opportunities I’ve had. I became a teacher. After that, I was asked if I would do religious education. I was asked if I would work with retreats. They [The Diocese of Youngstown] needed a woman to work at the marriage tribunal, so I said, “Sure!” And when I went back to school, I went for my counseling degree.


So to anyone who’s thinking about a religious vocation, or searching as to, “What do I want to do that’s going to be important to me for my whole life?” – I think religious life does that for you. We have a reason to get up every morning because there are a lot of people to meet during the day. We can sit and hear each other’s story and really be of support to each other. I think that’s the meaning of life. I think that’s where God wants all of us to be.


I’m Sister Pauline Dalpe, and I’m proud to be an Ursuline.


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