Solemnity Of Our Lord Christ The King

Ask a group of boomers who pops into their minds when they hear the word “king.” Some candidates might be simply “The King” (Elvis) or the King of Pop or, more soberly, some might remember “The Boss” singing:

“Poor man wanna be rich/ Rich man wanna be king/ And a king ain’t satisfied/ Till he rules everything.”

“King” suggests someone at the top, exercising power and receiving adulation from all quarters. Even today, when kingship seems out of kilter with modern culture.
The Gospel on this feast of the Messiah king, Jesus, calls forth those “blessed by the Father” to share in his eternal life. To be blessed is to share in God’s holiness, to be of God, to act toward each other as God acts toward us. All we need to do is reach out to those among us and treat them with dignity as the very presence of Christ. [Living Liturgy 2020]
The time is now. We cannot afford to put off Christlike living to some future time.
We hear the Son of Man’s call to eternal glory in the cry of those in need and we respond to that call by spending ourselves for the good of others; by our care and compassion; and we inherit glory here and now and forever.

Adapted RENEW INTERNATIONAL Prayer Time Cycle A