The Kingdom of Heaven

My father would tell us that we could discover a person’s true values by observing what was around the house. If every corner were filled with things, the person valued inanimate objects. If the walls shined with pictures of family and friends, the person valued relationships. If there were green plants around, the person valued growth and life.

Our Gospel for today speaks to the value of the kingdom of heaven. How is this kingdom manifested? When God is present. When there is hospitality and kindness, joy and love, wisdom and understanding. These are expressions of God’s presence here and now.

The treasure we seek is not a thing in some place. It is the very presence of God revealed in the hearts of those who know what is right and act justly. It is revealed in a wise and understanding heart. Such a heart leads us to seek and treasure the people who mediate for us God’s loving and abiding presence This presence is the kingdom of heaven among us.

To be faithful disciples we must be willing to give our all to encounter God’s presence in the goodness we share with others. We encounter God’s presence in our self-giving response to the needs of others.

In everyday experiences we find ldting treasure- the kingdom of heaven among us.