The Trinity

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday – the first Sunday after Pentecost a time of year that Popes and Bishops, Councils and Synods, have, for years thought it good and wise to remind the millions of seekers – the millions of faithful – for whom they care – that God is a mystery which is best understood in three ways: as creator — or father; as redeemer — or son and as sustainer — or spirit.
God is one.  Yet God is three.
God is here.  Yet God is everywhere. God is mighty.  Yet God is tender. God is just.  Yet God has mercy. God is spirit.  Yet God takes on flesh. God is in Christ.  Christ is in Us. God is Spirit and the Spirit blows where it wills. Yet the Spirit abides in our hearts. God is one.  Yet God is three.
The Spirit of God, God the Spirit, is the one which guides us – the one which comforts us – the one that convicts us
and conveys God’s mercy to us – the one who listens – and the one who speaks – and in speaking never asks of us that which is wrong – and never does through us – that which would bring shame to the name of God It is by the Spirit that our prayer is prayer to God and by the Spirit that our prayer is answered. God is one, yet God is three.
God is a mystery  — a mystery so big, so awesome, so holy that our limited minds can never grasp the wholeness of it but God has placed in us a capacity to appreciate the mystery that God is and to embrace that mystery . God has revealed God’s self , not just in the act of creation – in nature and its manifest goodness and beauty, – not just in the nudges and nods of the Spirit – in the prophet’s vision and the old man’s dreams,  God has revealed God’s self in the one called Jesus the one called Christ – the one who was born by the Spirit and who worked all his works by the Spirit and who healed and forgave by the Spirit and in all that he spoke he spoke the word of God by the Spirit.
In Christ, God reveals himself as the one who loves – and who does so in tangible, concrete, incarnate – in fleshed – ways.
Grab hold of the mystery — appreciate it and embrace it: the mystery that not only is God one in three and three in one but the mystery that God loves you, the mystery that God cares for you,  the mystery that God can and will, if you let him, use you to do great things that God can and will, if you are open to his bidding, use you to bring healing, and wholeness, and hope first to your homes, then to your neighbors  and finally to the whole world through the gospel that we have received.