What is Essential?

An invitation came in the mail yesterday- a way to clear out the clutter-be part of a car/trunk sale! Yard sales and garage sales abound! Try driving down most streets in suburbia on a Saturday morning and you think you are on an obstacle course!  We store up possessions in great quantities! In some way we are not unlike the young man in our Gospel parable for this Sunday. He has enough and yet, by wanting more he builds more and larger storehouses-only to die and not enjoy it!

Some have called this parable “the rich young fool” because the young man thinks his future happiness is guaranteed by his possessions.  Jesus cautions us to guard against such greed and turn our hearts to what is essential – the fullness of life that God wishes to give us.  Our true inheritance is not the amassing of possessions, but life with God. The only security we really have is a loving relationship with God.

Perhaps today we take the time to think about what we possess and where we store it and what possesses us! Take time today and answer the question, to whom do we belong?  What really is essential in our life? What truly matters is fullness of life and the happiness that only a share in God’s life can bring.