What Must I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?

I was visiting a friend and noticed that they had a system other than Cable TV. As I was “channel surfing”, I noticed the TV game show network and started playing with Dreamjackpot games! I wonder if this is the result of the philosophy of get rich with little effort. As I wasted an hour or so watching this network, I noticed that when someone won a fair amount of money, the host asked the contestant what he or she planned to do with the money. The answers varied, but often included taking a long vacation or paying off debts. Once in a great while, someone mentioned that they would give some to their favorite charity. None said that they would give it all away.

In our Gospel today, Jesus challenges us -in order to have it all- we must give up all and follow him. This came from his personal experience. No matter how tired he was, no matter how frustrated he was with people’s lack of understanding, no matter the opposition, Jesus reached out to others with an offer of new life. And in giving them life, Jesus received risen life and offers that same life to us.

No matter the cost of discipleship, what keeps us from not walking away like the young man in the Gospel, is our commitment to Jesus alone who is the way to eternal life. As we deepen our commitment to discipleship, we realize that our self-giving not only brings others to a deeper love and relationship with Jesus, but it strengthens our own love and relationships. This is the hundredfold.