Who Are the Needy At Our Door?

Every day several calls come into the parish office for food and financial help. Thankfully we have a St Vincent de Paul chapter in our parish who will respond to these calls for food. Sometimes those who come are also in need clothing, help with rent, a place to rest their head or a listening heart. Daily, these Vincentians have their hearts stretched and they are faced with difficult choices.

This Sunday’s Gospel is a parable about the needy at our door with an admonishment to listen. We are faced with a question-how does listening open up the insight to see needs? Ultimately this is a question about how we become more compassionate and caring people.

We hear the voice of Jesus not only in our Gospel but also in many other ways –  through the good works of others, through our own experience of doing good for others, in the cry of the poor and needy. Such listening opens us to a much wider world and develops in us attitudes of compassion and care,