YSU Honors Students Global Day of Service

IMG_9101Saturday, August 29th  YSU Honors Scholars participated in an  Annual Day of Service. More than 350 students volunteered  their time . Our home  was just one of their service sites!

WHAT QUALIFIES AS SERVICE? Quite a lot, actually.  Cleaning up parks, volunteering at shelters, working with animals—but also helping any part of the  community that needs a hand.

We often forget how much in our everyday life is in service to others, and we want to recognize the members of the YSU Honor Scholars community who devote their time and effort to giving back to others.

YSU Honors Global Day of Service, happens at the beginning of the Fall Semester every year in order to have a positive start to the academic year, as well as help introduce the Freshman students into the Honors Program and show them what it means to be an Honors student at YSU and a dedicated community member.

Here is a glimpse of their service here at our home!