You Are the Body of Christ

Change is very difficult for most of us. even small interruptions in our daily routines can throw us off track!  Sometimes the change affects everything about our daily living. The sisters living at our motherhouse know this to be true as they begin to reposition their living space, many are moving to temporary bedrooms throughout the house! But no change we humans can imagine or encounter equals the change proposed by Jesus in our Gospel today and implied by the celebration of this solemnity. Jesus invites us to a change that makes a difference in who we are.

Real change means transformation of self. It means no longer clinging to who we are or acting as we wish but letting go. The real challenge of this solemnity is that we are invited to change. And what is at stake is life everlasting.

The real change Jesus invites us to is in changing ourselves into who he is: living bread. We are called to be blessed, broken and given so others may become the Body of Christ. We who are baptized are the Body of Christ.

The challenge of this solemnity is to change – to be transformed¬† so that we can more readily embrace Jesus’ very identity. We are to be his life poured out in our everyday good living. We are to give our life unreservedly for others.¬† This is the way to eternal life.