Be Vigilant – Our God Is Coming!

This time of the year can bring adjustments to changing weather patterns, shorter daylight hours, increased busyness as we begin our shopping, baking, decorating. New seasons always calls for adjustments – not just in clocks, clothing and calendars but also in the way we approach each other.  Our changing liturgical season  means adjusting to new gospel challenges.

Our Gospel today calls for far reaching adjustments -reaching even to final judgment. We are asked to adjust our daily living in order to develop the kind of vigilance that enables us to discern the signs of  our Lord’s presence and to adjust the choices in our lives so that we are blameless in holiness.

One sign of the Lord’s presence is that we are growing in love. It is easy to see the Lord’s presence in the other when that person is pleasant or cooperative or helpful. The challenge is to see Christ’s presence in the other when the other is cranky, complaining or not to our liking.

The Advent season invites us to a more balanced perspective of what we are really all about – opening ourselves to Christ’s presence.

Our God is coming!  God comes in the habit of seeing Christ in all others because Christ came to redeem all.  We are to be vigilant for Christ comes in many ways. The real challenge comes in adjusting to all these presences of Christ in our lives.