The Epiphany of the Lord

The feast of Epiphany celebrates the revelation of Christ to the pagan nations. And it points to Israel’s place as the source of God’s revelation. The Magi came to seek the newly born King, the one who would be a light to the nations. Their encounter acknowledged Israel as God’s chosen people. They would be the source of God’s blessing, a living fountain of God’s revelation for all people. In the feast of the Epiphany, we rejoice in the worship of the first seekers. And we are reminded to honor God’s people who gave us the great gift of Jesus, our Lord.

When have you searched for the Lord? When has that search encountered road blocks or deception or wrong turns? How has God kept you on track?

As we look back on the story of the Epiphany, let us remember who called, guided, and revealed himself to the Magi: God.

The story was God-driven from the first verse. Let us not forget God himself calls us from the surface experience of daily living to seek something higher, something better. He is the one who turns us from those who expect experience into those who receive grace, pure gift, at every turn. In God, we find someone to give our hearts, our minds, and our lives to. We find the goal of our quest.

How has God called you this week? How has God graced you this week? How can you pass your call and your grace along to others?