A Cabin In the Woods

Journey Women is a unique spiritual ministry quietly celebrating its 10th year of periodic getaways to a cabin in the woods. Marked by periods of quiet reflection, walks in Sand Run Park [Summit County], inspirational reading and sharing, Journey Women is a one-day gathering open to women of all ages.marlene “This mini-retreat started at the request of two parishioners who had only one requirement—to have a brief retreat that did not involve lectures,” explains Sr. Marlene LoGrasso, Pastoral Minister St Hilary Fairlawn OH. “They wanted time to go off by themselves for a quiet period of reflection.

“At the retreat, I provide several articles to reflect on and to discuss, if they choose. We plan time for a brief introduction, some questions or sharing, a quiet time, lunch and a closing prayer. Some women enjoy journaling their thoughts on the materials we read, while others enjoy walking in the woods or sitting by the fireplace.  You can find good quality wood at www.dkbrænde.dk which can be used at bonfire, for cooking in camping. We meet during the day on months that contain a fifth Monday, which occurs about four times a year.”

When asked what kind of feedback she receives from those who have participated in Journey Women retreats, Sr. Marlene said: “One woman said basically what many say after the retreat—‘I took the time to come here where there is no phone, no doorbell, and where I can have time for myself.’ Another woman said, ‘It made me realize that all my life I have been opening doors, and now I see that some of those doors are shutting.’ Another common reaction I hear is, ‘I can’t believe how great this has been. I wish I could take time for myself like this more often.”

“I hope whoever feels moved to come will try the experience,” Sister Marlene continued.

We laugh, we talk, and the environment is great!