Sister Pauline Dalpe’s Counseling Ministry

Though she’s served in many ministries, Ursuline Sister of Youngstown Sister Pauline Dalpe has found her best fit in working as a counselor.Sister Pauline finds fulfillment in helping others to heal from whatever grief life has brought their way.

In this short video, Sister Pauline shares her thoughts and tears – and invites you to tea.


Ursuline Sister of Youngstown Pauline Dalpe shares what it means to help others heal through her counseling ministry.

Sister Pauline:


One of the biggest blessings for me is dealing with people who are divorced because I was able to journey with people through their whole review of life to be able to not find fault but to say, “We learn as we age. We learn some things were good for us and some things did not turn out to be the best for us. But we can always start over again.”


That was a privilege for me. (pause to fight back tears) So I’m thankful for that. (pause to fight back tears)


Because I met so many hurting people, I decided to go back to school for my counseling degree. It’s been a blessing for me, and I think for the people I meet around the table.


Once we’ve gotten to know each other with some tea choices here, then we go over and we sit. I think the healing comes as we get together and tell stories. I think we live in such a fast-paced world that it’s a luxury to be able to sit down and just chat and tell me, tell me what life’s been about. And in that I think we heal each other.


I cry with other people. I cry easily. But tears are really precious. I’m not afraid of tears. I think that’s why I do a lot of grief work – grief when there’s been a death and grief when there’s been a divorce. Grief with any losses. So if anyone’s interested, come and sit and talk. Come and have some tea.


To contact Sister Pauline, call 330.792.7636 or email [email protected].