Sister Jerome Corcoran Honored For A Lifetime Of Ministry

Sr Jerome CorcoranThe Ethnic Heritage Society of Youngstown presented Sister Jerome with a lifetime achievement award Thursday, June 13, 2013 at A La Cart Catering. Sister Jerome’s ministry as an educator spans decades in the Mahoning Valley. She taught for 12 years in the area’s parochial schools, then for 36 years directed the Mill Creek Children’s Center, a preschool for children of lower-income working parents.
Sister Jerome is an organizer. She always finds people who are looking for somewhere to give and get them to sign up. This included one event where a large group of students were brought shoes.
Sister Jerome’s goal for years has been to help people regardless of age to get a better education, one that they might not otherwise have been able to receive.
“Myself and some of the other sisters at The Ursuline Center [an educational facility of the Ursuline Sisters] had a GED [general educational development] program that was mostly people from the South Side. These were working people who couldn’t attend the public school classes because they were held during the day at that time.” During that 10-year period, about 100 people completed the program. When each one finished the program, Sister Jerome went to Lord Chesterfield’s to get them a shirt and tie!
Today, Sister Jerome’s newest endeavor is “Sister Jerome’s Poor” sponsored by The Ursuline Center. It is designed to help working families and college students who are struggling to pay bills. The goal is to help poor students so they can stay in college and complete a degree.
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For more information or to support the ministry please contact Sister Jerome Corcoran, OSU by phone 330.792.7636, fax: 330.799.4988 or Email Sister Jerome’s Poor.