Feast of the Holy Family

Seating around the family dinner table is very interesting! 52 years ago we moved into a home my father and his brothers built and we had our places at the table. Today, we still want to sit next to each other in those same places! “Sitting next to” is an expression of a loving relationship and trust is forged!

At first glance, today’s feast may seem a bit confusing. How can this family be a model when they were so obviously graced by God? If we read the Gospel, we see that this family had its share of distress and peril too. Joseph was challenged to hear God’s voice, perceive the danger and act to protect Mary and Jesus.

In this is holiness: listening to God’s voice, heeding whatever God asks and acting faithfully for the good and well-being of others.

What are some of the signals God sends us to which we must respond? The signals are there and like Joseph, we must be alert and responsive.