Sister Victoria Pascarella

October 29, 2010

My Dear Sisters,

“Sing with all the saints in glory, sing the resurrection song!

Death and sorrow earth’s dark story, to the former days belong.

All around the clouds are breaking, soon the storms of time shall cease.

In God’s likeness people waking, know the everlasting peace.”

Hymn to Joy

Somewhere in heaven on the Feast of All Saints, a familiar pianist, Sister Victoria Pascarella, will be keeping pace with the heavenly choirs as they sing the above lyrics giving “Glory to God Alone.”

This same song was sung here on earth by our own sisters at the opening of Mass on Thursday,October 28th at the time of Sister Victoria’s peaceful death.  What a lovely coincidence!

Our Sister Victoria loved lovely things.  Almost anytime one of us visited her here at home, she would comment on our clothing or our hair.  Often she would be playing a melody slowly on the piano.  And we all knew her favorite color was pink.  Despite the diabetes that dimmed her eyesight, she recognized loveliness around her (Followed the best blood sugar ultra treats).  Now, Sister Victoria’s vision of the loveliness of God in the fulness of heaven is complete. Check out blood sugar premier reviews.

And for over twenty-two or more years of teaching music appreciation through her piano lessons, she herself created “loveliness” for others as she graciously shared this art with ever so many persons of all ages.

We know that Sister Victoria will be in communion with us at her Mass of Resurrection on “All Saints Day.”  And she will most likely be playing the heavenly piano in a much faster beat than usual as we continue in this life to sing another verse of the song.

“Life eternal!  Heaven rejoices, Jesus lives who once was dead; Join with all the heavenly voices, child of God lift up your head.”

At the heavenly banquet after the Mass we can just hear Sister Victoria’s order, “Jesus, I’ll have everything ‘sweet’ on the menu and Lord, please add plenty of sugar.”

We will miss the piano notes in the Health Care Center, Sister Victoria, and we found some of your hidden candy treats already.  We will miss your welcoming smile and positive greetings as well as the many times you have sincerely said to us and the nursing staff, “I love you.”  We continue to love you too, Vicki.  You now know the everlasting , unconditional love and peace of Jesus Christ.

Sister Nancy Dawson