Walsh University Students Spend Spring Break with Ursuline Sisters

Emily could have joined the thousands of Spring Breakers soaking up sun somewhere to the South, but instead, she chose to spend her mid-term vacation with the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown.
“The opportunity to be able to learn about a different culture, to be able to experience new families,” she says, “and for them to be able to help us achieve our goals of becoming medical professionals — it’s been a great opportunity.”
Walsh Hispanic OutreachEmily is speaking of her three-day immersion in Hispanic-Outreach ministries of the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown. Emily, two Walsh University advisors, and six other medical students participated in the Sisters’ Alternative Spring Break program, a new component of our Young Adult Outreach Ministry.
“We’ve been able to enjoy [the Ursuline Sisters] generosity and hospitality, and honestly, I look forward to being able to do this again,” Emily states. Her comments were echoed by her peers.
Walsh U Hispanic outreach Potter's WheelThe group offered a program on healthy living for Hispanic women at the Potter’s Wheel in Youngstown March 7, 2013. All of the young women plan to work in Hispanic communities upon graduation.
Also participating in the pilot program this spring is Kent State University, which is sending 12 students and two advisors to offer service in many of our ministries.
Check back Holy Week for updates on the Kent State experience!