The Way of God

Once again, we find the Pharisees plotting to entrap Jesus. The controversy between Jesus ad the religious ;leaders is becoming more obvious and deliberate.

With sarcasm, the Pharisees in today’s Gospel attempt to trap Jesus. seeing through their ruse, Jesus turns the tables with the truth. The way of God is not found in opposing civil and religious authority but in acting with the integrity of Jesus responding appropriately in each kingdom. Like Jesus,we are to give ourselves for the good of others in all areas of life. Giving ourselves first to God, we will know the way and the truth of all other loyalties and our choices and behaviors will further God’s plan of salvation. Above all we are to live as one who gives God what belongs to God.

What God wants most from us isn’t money. What God asks of us is the wholehearted self offering that acknowledges who God is and who we are in relation to God. In return, God gives what no state can give: a share in divine life.