Doors to Success for Scholars

A recent graduate of our Scholars program celebrating her graduation with her mentor

The Ursuline Sisters Mission Scholars Program is one of our Education Outreach programs.

It empowers students to complete their program of study by providing academic advocacy, mentorship, financial assistance, and personal and professional development opportunities.

Scholars are paired with a Program Coordinator, who provides support as the students overcome personal and academic barriers.

About 50 Scholars from Mahoning, Trumbull, and Ashtabula counties worked with us in the last year. They were at various levels of their educational journey. Last year 17 Scholars graduated and are now actively working in their fields of study!

In order to achieve such impact, our staff worked on a number of initiatives, such as offering workshops for personal development, scheduling in-person events for Scholars to build a sense of community, and pairing students with mentors who understood their journey.

We also provide Scholars with monthly assistance to meet basic and academic needs, and award scholarships.

We look forward to several graduations this year, knowing we help each Scholar experience opportunities they once only dreamed of.